About Us

Why call it Get MACED?

This company started as an idea at the dinner table to bring laughter and fun to us as a family during COVID lockdown.  Something for us to enjoy and discuss to brighten conversations so it felt only fitting to name our company after us.  So MACED is each of our initials and the Get was added when we’d made our idea into reality, as now you guys can get it!

We’ve had so much fun bringing Get MACED to life, lots of ideas, tons of laughter and a wonderful experience for the children to get involved and have their own unique contribution by designing their collections, By Elly and By Alex.  We’ve been in awe of what’s they’ve created, and we hope you love their collections and ours as much as we do.

So, who makes up Get MACED?


MARK - The website guy and the creator of the collection designed from our logo and name, GET MACED

ALEX – The cheeky one, who loves drawing pictures that are fun and vibrant, in particular trains and wildlife and like his sister has had a very clear idea of what he wants to wear from a very young age and is the creator of the collection by Alex

CATHY – The chatterbox who looks after the social media of Get MACED and the creator of the collection Positive Energy

ELLY – The teenager, who loves clothes and has been putting her own twist on her outfits since she was three, a twist we’ve always described as Victorian meets with modern day and the creator of the collection by Elly

Together with our dogs, Max and Daisy, who have provided hugs and have been just as interested to nose at the screen to see new ideas as we all have, that makes up the family behind our brand, Get MACED